The Power of Voice and Nonverbal Behaviour in Speech Communication

  • 06 Sep 2017
  • 18:00 - 20:00
  • F-information, Rue de la Servette 67, 1202 Genève
  • 9


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Voice Your Leadership!

Modern audio-visual communication is an essential tool for promoting the right ideas at the right time. It is the tool that helps leaders to translate their decisions into actions. It is the tool that creates emotional readiness for action – emotional readiness for trade. The speaker’s voice is known to be a powerful means of leadership. Its impact on the hearer is immediate. It is not just what you say - it is how you say it. Scientists have identified the vocal features that enhance credibility and persuasiveness. Yet, the assessment of vocal competences remains subjective and intuitive. The questions therefore are:

(1) What are the main vocal skills to master?

(2) Can they be objectively measured?

(3) How can women develop / improve the impact of their speech communication in the international trade?

This interactive masterclass will lead you through the subtleties of the human voice as a powerful tool of influence. The nonverbal features of charismatic leadership and oratory in general will also be presented.

During this unique workshop on voice development offered by OWIT Lake Geneva, the attendees will:

  • See and hear the acoustic features of the voices of powerful leaders.
  • Assess the impact of different speaking styles on the perception of the speaker’s credibility, clarity and persuasiveness.
  • Learn about Vox Institute’s system of measuring acoustic and nonverbal aspects of speech communication.
  • See and hear examples of interculturally valid features of nonverbal behaviour (facial expressions, gestures, posture and gaze).
This is a hands on, practical experience where you will be able to:

1.     Practice the 3 main vocal skills: chunking, emphasis, intonation;

2.     Record their voices and immediate measure their vocal features

3.     Auditory assessment of 3 different vocal styles related to 3 main vocal skills.

About the trainer: 

Branka Zei Pollermann PhD (founder and director) teaches speech communication, leadership and social/emotional intelligence in Switzerland, France and the UK. She has been involved in Geneva University scientific research for 35 years and is author of numerous publications. Her academic credentials include: PhD in psychology (University of Geneva), three MAs (general linguistics, psychology, English and Italian languages and literature) and postgraduate studies in speech pathology, phonetics, philosophy and sociology. In parallel to her work at Vox Institute, she held part-time teaching and research positions at: Geneva University (Faculty of Psychology - 9 yrs.a), University Hospitals (17 yrs.), CERN (7 yrs.), Phonetics Institute - Zagreb University (7 yrs.).  For media coverage see:

Vox Institute was founded in Geneva in 1988. It is training and research institute specialized in speech communication and emotion psychology. Its mission is to provide scientifically based courses and objective assessment of: (a) communication skills and (b) emotional climate in organisations. Vox Institute uses leading-edge technology for assessment and coaching in vocal and non-verbal skills of speech communication. 


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